Cell Tower Companies

Cell Tower Companies “own the steel” and operate cell towers.  There are seven cell tower companies in the United States today.  Listed are the top three tower companies.  The main objective for the tower companies is to generate revenue by leasing space on their towers to wireless carriers.  The top three players have become very efficient and successful in achieving their objective.

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Currently there are three major cell tower companies who own and operate cell towers in the US. These companies combined have approximately 73,000 towers. The remaining cell tower companies are fairly small fragmented. A study completed by AGL Magazine in 2012 noted that 58% of tower owners own between 1–10 towers, with another 25% of tower owners have 11-100 towers.

Top Three Cell Tower Owners

The Big Three

Tower Owner# of TowersWeb Address
Crown Castle44,000crowncastle.com
American Tower34,000americantower.com
SBA Communications15,000sbasite.com

Crown Castle International

Crown Castle International (“CCI”) is the largest cell tower owner and operating manager of over 44,000 cell towers. They are considered the dominant player in the industry and a formidable force.

Over the last several years beginning in 2007 and as recent as 2013, CCI has acquired, purchased, and/ or entered into major tower leasing agreements with wireless carriers. The most recent event was in 2013 when CCI entered into a tower leasing agreement with AT&T Mobility that secured 9,700 wireless towers. This agreement allows CCI in the future to own the towers. There is a big push among CCI negotiators to reach out to the owners of these newly acquired towers with the objective to extend, modify, enter a long term easement, or buy-out the current lease.

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American Tower Corporation

American Tower Corporation (“AMT”) is another dominant force in the industry. Just as CCI, AMT generates revenue from all major wireless carriers in the U.S. The last significant acquisition of towers for AMT occurred in 2013, with the acquisition of Global Tower Partners and added about 5,400 towers to their portfolio.

Unlike CCI, AMT is behind the eight ball with having secured long-term revenue streams. This is due to their tower sites having short-term expirations of the leases. This means that there are many AMT tower sites with 10 years or less remaining in the current lease. The way to change this is for AMT to seek out their landlords and negotiate more time to the existing lease or possibly buy-out the lease.

Remember the landlord has the upside and if the new terms are negotiated correctly the landlord stands to increase their monetary gain over the life of the lease.

If AMT has contacted, this is the time to reach out to Cell Tower Consultants. We can review your lease, lease site, and specific tower dynamics. We will provide you with most beneficial and realistic options.

SBA Communications Corporation

SBA Communications Corporation (“SBA”) is one of the Big Three in ownership and management of cell towers. The Big Three have basically the same business model. They want to create secured long term revenue streams for themselves and their investors. SBA shares a common problem that AMT is encountering. That is, having many short-term lease expirations. Their current leases are about to expire. This translates in industry terms of the lease having 10 years or less. This is a very crucial stage for SBA. It is at this time wireless carriers on the tower look at the risk of staying on the tower and betting that SBA can secure additional lease terms, or consider the costly proposition of relocating to another tower.

This pivotal point is crucial for SBA because their towers typically have less than two wireless carriers on the tower. Since SBA does not have the volume of towers as CCI or AMT, losing any revenue from the tower is detrimental to their business model. SBA is trying to make-up ground by contacting its landlords to convince them that it’s in their best interest to add more time to their lease. Don’t do it before talking to us. You as the landlord have the upside and this is also a pivotal point for you. You can increase your monetary outcome, if the terms are negotiated correctly.

Contact Cell Tower Consultants now and we will review your lease, lease site, and the specific tower dynamics. We will assist you in achieving the most beneficial and realistic terms for you.

Cell Tower Acquisitions

In the last several years, some of the top tower companies have acquired large groups of cell towers.  Some of these large acquisitions are a result of acquisitions from other cell tower companies or wireless carriers.

During these specific events, the cell tower companies may try and market these towers to add new tenants (wireless carriers) to increase their bottom line and long-term revenue streams.  Cell tower companies may approach you to add more land to the existing cell tower site to ease in the their marketing efforts, or ask you to agree to giving a right of first refusal.  Both of these requests are to the cell tower companies benefit and not necessarily yours, if not negotiated correctly.  This is an excellent time to look at your lease if it is getting close to expiration or if additional lease terms are needed.

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