Lease Buyouts

Many landlords are approached by numerous companies to buy out their lease (revenue stream).  You may wonder why these companies want your lease?  Is this really the best long-term decision for me?  Be cautious when contacted by these companies.  You must understand what is being presented and asked of you.

Cell Tower Consultants will determine how much your cell tower lease is worth based on true present and future market factors by utilizing our industry knowledge.  We will present you with the advantages and disadvantages of selling your revenue stream.  We will help you understand what you are really giving up based on the specific factors of your lease and site.

How do we determine if selling your lease is the correct decision for you? Cell Tower Consultants will:

  • Review the Lease:  We will review the current lease terms and determine the real value of your lease.
  • Audit the Cell Site:  It is crucial to understand that the value of your cell tower lease is not solely based on the current rent you receive.  Several components go into determining the true value of your site such as the revenue being generated to the tower company and wireless carriers from the use of your land, and replacement or relocation cost to the cell tower company if the site is not secured.
  • Evaluate the Buyout Proposal:  We will evaluate the specific terms and all nuances associated with it.  It is important not to rely solely on what others have been recently paid, but to account for the site-specific characteristics.  We will assess the value of your specific site and determine the present fair market value of the lease as well as the potential future value.
  • Implement a Strategy:  A lease buyout may not be the best decision for you.  Cell Tower Consultants will recommend the best strategy for you.  If selling the lease is how you want to proceed we will help you negotiate the best price and most favorable terms for you.