Cell Tower Lease Valuation

The question every landowner wants to know is how much money should they receive for leasing their property.  Cell Tower Consultants will use our industry knowledge and experience to determine the value of the cell tower on your property and the value of your property to the tenant.

Be cautious if you have an acquisition agent approach you with the term “market rent”.  There is no such thing as a standard market rent in this industry.  What “market rent” means to a company is the average rents they pay to landlords in a specific radius for their specific towers.  So this is the cell tower company’s derived market rent, but not necessarily a number indicative of the value of your specific property.  Without our specific industry knowledge and experience, you could get far less than fair market value.

We will focus and analyze the specific characteristics such as:

  • Topography
  • Zoning
  • Existing Utility Service
  • Proximity to other Cell Towers
  • Constructability of your land

This analysis will determine the value of your property to the cell tower company, wireless carriers, and ultimately to you.  The analysis of the specific characteristics will enable us to tell you why your property may or may not be better than the surrounding properties available to the cell tower company.

You must understand all the viable options.  Cell Tower Consultants will help negotiate the appropriate lease terms for you.  It is crucial that an appropriate analysis be done so you will receive maximum compensation for the use of your land.