Cellular Leaseholders

Leaseholders owns the property on which a cell tower is erected, or the structure that has a cell site mounted. Revenue is generated from  tower companies and wireless carriers alike in exchange for the right to access their property for the erection of a tower or the installation of a cell site. The LESSOR owns the land or structure, and the LESSEE  is the wireless carrier or tower company leasing access to that land or structure. Note: If an easement is used, the terms would be GRANTOR and GRANTEE, respectively.

The number of cell sites in the U.S. is expected to surpass 400,000 by 2015 – This is due to the wireless Industry, consumer demand for higher speeds, brought on by robust and rising smartphone and tablet usage. This of course is excellent news for property owners and public entities who have access to cellular leases.

Landowners. In this case, the wireless carrier seeks to lease ground space from landowners to build a tower and install required equipment on the ground below the tower. It is rare for  landowners owners to actually own the tower and equipment. In some cases, there is only ground-mounted antennas rather than a tower.

Building Owners allow cellular carriers to leasing space for their antennas. It is likely that the transmission equipment is mounted on platforms on top of the roof or possibly on the ground or inside a room of the building.

Cell Tower Consultants assist private and public building owners with:

  • Proposed Leases
  • Lease Valuation
  • Lease Extensions and Expirations
  • Lease Expansions and Modifications
  • Lease Buyouts
  • Lease Renegotiations
  • Rooftop Lease Audits