Lease Extensions and Expirations

Cell tower leases are not like typical real estate leases. There are several important factors at play that determine what a fair market value rental amount is for the use of your land. You may have entered into a lease several years ago, and since that time the tower dynamics may have changed.

It is extremely important to take into account specific tower dynamics and the industry trends to assess what is the ideal situation for you. The lease may be undervalued and this is an ideal time to renegotiate better lease terms for you.

To determine the best options available to you Cell Tower Consultants will:

  • Review Your Lease: We will review the current lease terms and determine areas that must be addressed during negotiations. This is a crucial component to determine what your realistic options are. Is a lease extension the most beneficial monetary decision for you? Is a short term or long term lease the best option?
  • Evaluate Your Cell Site: Each tower site has its own specific characteristics that help determine the tower’s long term potential. We will determine what those are and how that translates to the cell tower companies and wireless carriers long term objectives. We will determine which wireless carriers are using the cell tower and the revenues derived by the cell tower companies. This is a crucial step to determine if there is an immediate concern of the tower possibly being relocated to another site.
  • Recommend A Strategy: By compiling and reviewing your specific lease terms and cell tower site characteristics, we can recommend the best strategy for you and how you should proceed to achieve optimal results. We will do this by negotiating on your behalf with your tenant. It is extremely important to understand the pros and cons of each decision associated with the proposed terms. We will determine the best way to structure your lease with regard to future rental amounts and escalations, possible subtenant revenue, lease duration, and any additional terms presented.