Lease Modifications and Consent Requests

Many landowners with current cell tower leases are asked at some point during the lease term to modify lease terms.  You may be asked to lease additional ground space, or to add additional subtenants.  Ask yourself why are they approaching me?  The bottom line is all requests asked of you are to the benefit of your tenant.  This is a perfect opportunity to maximize the value of your lease.

A property owner should truly understand what is being requested and the ramifications it may have on your future revenue stream and/ or your remaining land.

Cell Tower Consultants will make sure the additional land needed or the consent given to the tenant does not negatively impact your property.  We will negotiate additional rent for these requests.  We will help you understand the true impact of these requests/ modifications by providing an analysis comprised of:

  • A Review of the proposed consent and modification requests:  We will help you understand what is being installed, who will use your property, and by the means in which they will do so.  This will help you understand how your property will be impacted.
  • A Review of Your Lease:  We will review your current lease terms to determine what your obligations are and what rights a wireless carrier or cell tower company has with respect to the proposed modification or upgrade.
  • Propose a Strategy:  Cell Tower Consultants will help determine reasonable compensation for such requests and modifications.  If the landlord asks for too much, the tenant may choose to go elsewhere.   Cell Tower Consultants will provide a strategy that will allow you to receive the maximum compensation needed while making sure your property is not negatively impacted.