Lease Optimization Companies

The main objective for these companies is to reduce operating expenses for wireless carriers and tower companies.  Typically, these companies do this in several ways including:

Lease Extension Requests

  • Rent Reduction Requests
  • Lease Term Modifications
  • Lease Term Buyouts

These proposed changes may come in an offer with compensation such as a small rent increase, or bonuses.  In some instances, they may inform you that a rent reduction is needed, or even lead you to believe that that the lease is at risk if you do not reduce the rent. They may even threaten that the tower may be moved.  Let us help you determine if that is a realistic possibility.

Lease Optimization Companies work for wireless carriers.  They have the benefit of having their client’s data and information about the tower site.  They have the upper hand and do not have your best interest at heart.  DO NOT confuse them with Wireless Tower Consultants.  We DO NOT work for them or affiliate ourselves with them.  We work exclusively for you.

The main Lease Optimization Companies are:

  • Black Dot Wireless
  • Md7
  • Lyle Company

These lease optimization companies typically work for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, US Cellular, American Tower Corporation, and Crown Castle International.

If you have been contacted by any of these companies, we highly caution you not to agree to anything before talking with us.  The small compensation offered may be enticing, but in the long run you may be agreeing to an undervalued long-term agreement.

You may be entitled to additional compensation for the modifications.  Send us your proposal and we will review it along with your lease and determine what is your best option.