New Cell Tower Leases

Cell tower leases are not like the typical commercial real estate leases.  There is no standard lease rate across the board. Your property is unique and you cannot compare it to the rates your neighbor received.  Fair market value for rents differs for each location.  Utilizing our specific industry knowledge and experience, we will negotiate the maximum rental payment and bonuses structure best suited for you.  You don’t want to lose the deal because of unrealistic expectations.  Cell Tower Consultants can assist you in negotiating a lease that will produce the maximum value for you.

Cell Tower Consultants will:

  • Review the Proposed Lease Terms:  We will evaluate the lease terms and language of the contract, and explain the short and long term effects on your property.
  • Evaluate the Proposed Cell Tower Site:  Due Diligence is key.  We will review the site and determine its value to you and the cell tower company.  We analyze the current industry dynamics and specific company trends.  This will assist in determining the longevity of the lease.
  • Construct a Strategy:  Based on the due diligence and the specific proposed lease term, we will recommend a strategy that will maximize the present value to you now and throughout the future term of the lease.  We will also negotiate a less invasive agreement that prevents negative impact on future development, sale of your property, or even financing of your property.  It is crucial that you start off with the best possible terms because you may not have an opportunity to renegotiate the terms for a long time.  You will be in a long-term partnership with your tenant and the terms must be advantageous for all parties in order for long-term arrangement to prosper.