Why Do Wireless Carriers Contact Tower Owners, Landowners And Building Owners?

Cellular sites are used to provide services to wireless subscribers. Wireless carriers place cell sites on towers, rooftops, or on other structures like water tanks or billboards. Some Wireless carriers own their own cell towers (e.g. AT&T and Verizon) or have recently sold their towers to separate tower companies (e.g. Sprint and T-Mobile).

Wireless carriers contact tower owners, landowners, building owners for the following reasons:

  1. Leasing land or structures that they wish to build a new tower/s on
  2. Add a new cell site to existing structures, such as a building or tower
  3. Modify/expand an existing lease to accommodate new or additional equipment, such as generators, fiber optic cables or other utilities.
  4. To discuss potential subleasing or collocation , which involve installing other wireless carriers’ equipment on the cell site;
  5. To discuss modifications of an existing lease
  6. To extend existing leases before they expire.

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